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Publié par Philippe Poisson

1. Nancy Wake: Guerrilla Fighter

Born in New Zealand and raised in Australia, Nancy Wake was a journalist in New York and London and then married a wealthy Frenchman and was living in Marseille when Germany invaded. Wake immediately went to work for the French resistance, hiding and smuggling men out of France and ferrying contraband supplies and falsified documents. She was once captured and interrogated for days, but gave no secrets away. With the Nazis in hot pursuit, Wake managed to escape to Britain in 1943, and joined the Special Operations Executive (SOE), a British intelligence agency. After training with weapons and parachutes, she was airdropped back into France -as an official spy and warrior. Wake had no trouble shooting Nazis or blowing up buildings with the French guerrilla fighters known as maquis in the service of the resistance. She once killed an SS sentry with her bare hands. After the war, Nancy Wake was awarded the George Medal from the British, the Medal of Freedom from the U.S., and the Médaille de la Résistance and three Croix de Guerre from France, among other honors. She also found out that her husband had died in 1943 when the Gestapo had tortured him to find out his wife's whereabouts. He refused any cooperation to the point of death.

Wake ran for political office a few times in Australia, and remarried in the 1950s. She published her biography, The White Mouse, in 1988. That was the Gestapo's nickname for her due to her talent for sneaking by them. Nancy Wake died August 7, 2011 at age 98.


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    8 août 2011 - Nancy Wake en 2004. «Elle est une des femmes les plus féminines que je connaisse mais dès qu'il faut se battre, elle a la force de cinq ...

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    Le jeudi 30 août, était organisé en l'église Old St. Paul de Thorndon à Wellington, un service commémoratif en l'honneur de Nancy Wake, la résistante d'origine ...

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Nancy Wake, héroïne de la Résistance :  surnommée "La souris blanche" ,
Nancy Wake, héroïne de la Résistance :  surnommée "La souris blanche" ,
Nancy Wake, héroïne de la Résistance :  surnommée "La souris blanche" ,

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