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Publié par Philippe Poisson

La beauté d'Ava Garner
La beauté d'Ava Garner

REPOST : The audio of this slideshow was turned off by YouTube because of the third song of Michael Buble, so I changed it and repost this video.

"I first met Ava Gardner in 1942, she was 20 and I was 13. She was simply and in every way one of the most beautiful girls that one had ever seen in one's life. Her body was absolutely extraordinary, the way all her facial features were placed was perfect, she was classically beautiful. And her spirit was quite adorable. It's very strange to see that sort of tenderness radiating out of somebody that exquisitely beautiful...She didn't like herself. And so everyone felt wildly protective about Ava, and therein of course, lies madness. The vulnerability was part of her great appeal...

Ava was unique because she was an imperial creature with a great peasant streak, which is a miraculous combination to find...Hers was the most unpretentious elegance I ever knew...

...And as the light slowly came in, it was like a painting happening. It was the first time in years I'd seen her with all the war paint on, and I was devastated. "Good God, you really are gorgeous....Yes, you are. You are really some beautiful thing..." (Roddy McDowa


The Beauty of Ava Gardner - YouTube

Alain Souchon-La beauté d'Ava Gardner.mp4 - YouTube

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